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Sun, Apr

Helping the victims of human trafficking together

Advisory council meeting at ITC discussed the implementation of the next IOM international technical assistance project.

On February 15, 2018 the first meeting of the advisory council on implementation of the international technical assistance project "Strengthening the national mechanism in the Republic of Belarus for the redirection of trafficked persons" in cooperation with the International Organization for Migration was held at the International Training Center on Migration and Combating Trafficking in Human Beings. The event was opened by Zeynal Hajiyev, head of the IOM office in Belarus, who spoke about the main results of cooperation and directions for further development within the framework of implementation of the new project in 2017-2020. Coordination and monitoring of the project implementation is ensured by the Ministry of Internal Affairs - the national coordinator of the project is Gennady Kazakevich, the head of the main department for drug control and combating trafficking in human beings.

The meeting focused on the importance of joint work of Belarusian state agencies, international organizations and public associations. It was not accidental that representatives of the Supreme Court, the Ministry of Information, the General Prosecutor's Office, the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection, the Ministry of Economy, the State Border Committee, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Health, Minsk city and regional executive committees and a number of public associations including the Belarusian Red Cross Society, "Children are not for violence", "Gender perspectives" (the La Strada Belarus program) and etc gathered at the International Training Center. The Ministry of Internal Affairs was represented by top officials of the main department for drug control and combating trafficking in human beings, department for citizenship and migration, international cooperation department, department for information and public relations.

The participants of the meeting considered the results of the implementation in 2013-2017 of the project "Strengthening the national potential of the Republic of Belarus in the sphere of combating trafficking in human beings" and got acquainted with the next project. The goal of teamwork was consolidation of efforts in the sphere of preventing and suppressing trafficking in human beings, protection of Belarusian citizens and minimization of social consequences for victims of modern slave trade. The planned international and regional events will contribute to strengthening multilateral cooperation in combating crime, as well as will once again bring public attention to the issue of human trafficking.